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product group cardiovascular, respiratory system
products pulmonary Tracheal Stents/Bronchial Stents
Y-Tracheal Stents
J-Tracheal Stents
Bronchial Stump Fistula-Occludding Stents
product group digestive system
products esophageal Covered Esophageal Stents
Covered Esophageal Stents
Softcup Esophageal Stents
Fistula-occluding Esophageal Stents
Anti-Reflux Covered Esophageal Stents
Cardia Stents
gastrointestinal Segmented Stents
Pancreatic Pseudocyst Stents
Duodenal Stents
Colonic and Rectal Stents
Biliary Stents
surgical meshes for hernia repair Prolus® – Polypropylene Mesh
Prolus® – Lite Polypropylene Mesh
Prolus® – Ultra Lite Polypropylene Mesh
Pro-AB – Partially Absorbable Mesh
Pro-Visc 3D – Composite Dual Side Mesh Suture
product group urogenital system
products Stress Urinary Incontinence Prosthesis
directions n/a
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