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product groupdigestive system / trunk
productsinguinal herniasFlat, round T®1 Plugs
Hertra® kits
NeT Plug & Patch mesh
Oval preshaped mesh
Preshaped Hertra® meshes
Preshaped T5 meshes
Semi-absorbable mesh Hybridmesh®
T®4 Plug preshaped meshes
Three-dimensional T®2 Plugs (round base)
Three-dimensional T®3 Plugs (rectangular base)
abdominal herniasColostomy mesh
Flat oval meshes
Flat rectangular and square meshes
Flat round meshes
i-material Relimesh® meshes

product groupurogenital system
productsfemalePelvimesh®Prolapse of female pelvic organs
T-Sling® plusthrough Single Vaginal Incision
T-Sling® PPincontinence
Uromesh® PPCystocele-associated female urinary incontinence

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