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product groupgeneral tissue / soft tissuematerial: PVDF
productsDynaMesh®-CESA/-VASApelvic floor
DynaMesh®-CICATabdominal wall, umbilical hernia
DynaMesh®-ENDOLAPinguinal hernia
DynaMesh®-ENDOLAP 3Dinguinal hernia
DynaMesh®-HIATUSoesophageal hernia
DynaMesh®-IPOMabdominal wall, umbilical hernia
DynaMesh®-IPST, IPST-D, IPST-Rparastomal hernia
DynaMesh®-Liechtensteininguinal hernia
DynaMesh®-PR,-PRR,-PRS,-PRP,-PR2,-PR4pelvic floor (f)
DynaMesh®-PRMpelvic floor (m), male urinary incontinence
DynaMesh®-RSUS, softurinary incontinence
DynaMesh®-SIS, SIS soft, SIS visiblepelvic floor (f), female urinary incontinence
DynaMesh®-SIS direct, -SIS direct soft, -SIS direct visiblepelvic floor (f), female urinary incontinence
DynaMesh®-TSUSurinary incontinence
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