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product groupgeneral tissue / soft / membrane
Bulevpolypropyleneabdominal wall defect
product groupdigestive system
productsBidimensional plug basicinguinal and femoral hernia
Bidimensional plug evolutioninguinal hernia
ClearMesh Composite – Plurimesh PCMCabdominal wall defects
ClearMesh Composite CMCabdominal wall defects
ClearMesh Composite FlaPp CMClarge abdominal wall defects
ClearMesh Composite UCMCabdominal wall defects
P3 Basicinguinal hernia
P3 Evolutioninguinal hernia
T Tridimensional Pluginguinal hernia
T Tridimensional Plug Evolutioninguinal hernia
TB Tridemensional Plug Evolution with Basefemoral and inguinal hernia
TB Tridemensional Plug with Basefemoral and inguinal hernia
product groupurogenital system
productsAndromeshmale stress urinary incontinence
HAlbaMesHhigh level vaginal vault prolaps
InGyne MISfemal stress urinary incontinence
InGyne PELBpelvic floor defect
InGyne PROanterior prolapse repair
InGyne Sfemal stress urinary incontinence
LeViahigh level vaginal vault prolaps
product groupimplant material supply
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