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What ... for? (Indications) Intraocular Lenses (IOL) IOLs are used at cataract or myopia -   Anterior chamber lenses Phakic (remaining natural lens). Refractive lenses are used for myopia, presbyopia and high hyperopia, if laser or corrective lens treatment is not done. -   Posterior chamber lenses Aphakic (no lens). Used at...



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reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS U.S.A. product group dental implant products refractive EVO Visian ICL™ EVO+ Visian ICL™ Visian® ICL™ cataract Collamer IOLs Preloaded IOLs This is a post of a nonregistered company. Information given here is checked thoroughly by "Implant-Register". However we can not guarantee for any material, property...