Cryolife®, Jotec®
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product group cardiovascular implant
products cardiac allograft aortic allograft
pulmonary human heart valve
pulmonary human cardiac hemi-artery patch
pulmonary human cardiac branch and trunk patch
additional cardiac tissue
vascular allografts (cryopreserved) descending thoracic aorta
aortoiliac artery CryoArtery®
saphenous vein Cryovein®
femoral artery
femoral vein CryoVein®
pediatric conduit CryoVein® PC
autologous pericardium CryoPatch®
decellularized bovine pericardium PhotoFix®
aortic allograft CryoValve®
pulmonary human heart valve CryoValve® SG
pulmonary allograft CryoPatch® SG
descending thoracic aorta CryoGraft®
aortoiliac artery
mitral chordal replacement products Chord-X®
ascending aortic prosthesis On-X®
prosthetic heart valves On-X® aortic heart valve with standard sewing ring
aortic heart valve with anatomic sewing ring
aortic heart valve with Conform-X sewing ring
mitral heart Valve with standard sewing ring
mitral heart Valve with Conform-X sewing ring
decellularized bovine pericardium PhotoFix®
product group cardiovascular system
(former JOTEC® products)
products E-vita OPEN PLUS hybrid stentgraft for optimized frozen elephant trunk procedure
E-vita THORACIC 3G for thoracal aorta
E-tegra for abdominal aorta
E-vita ABDOMINAL XT for abdominal aorta
E-liac for iliac arteries
E-ventus BX for peripher vessels
E-xl for abdominal Aorta at dissections or stenosis
E-xtra DESIGN individually stents individually designed
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