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GLOBAL IFHOH International Federation of Hard of Hearing People
AMERICA CANADA AICQ Association des implantés cochléaires du Quebec
USA ACI American Cochlear Implant Alliance
ASHA American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
NAD National Association of the Deaf  
NIDCD National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
  SOUTH AFRICA SACIG South African Cochlear Implant Group
  INDIA CIGI The Cochlear Implant Group of India
    CICADA Cochlear Implant Club and Advisory Association Queensland
EUROPE   EUROCIU European Association of Cochlear Implant Users
AUSTRIA ÖCIG Österreichische Cochlear Implant Gesellschaft
FRANCE API Association Audition Partage Implant
  CISIC Centre d´Information sur la Surdité et l`Implant Cochléaire  
GERMANY DCIG Deutsche Cochlea Implantat Gesellschaft e. V.        on facebook
UK BCIG British Cochlear Implant Group
NCIUA National Cochlear Implant Users Association
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