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GLOBAL   ISSCR International Society for Stem Cell Research
  ISCT International Society for Cellular Therapy
  IPLASS International Placenta Stem Cell Society
  CS Cell Society   disbanded
AFRICA   SASCeTS South African Stem Cell Transplantation Society
 AMERICA USA ASCB American Society for Cell Biology
 ASIA INDIA SCSI Stem Cell Society of India 
  ISRAEL ISCS Israel Stem Cell Society
  PAKISTAN PSCS Pakistan Stem Cell Society
  SINGAPORE SCSS Stem Cell Society Singapore
AUSTRALIA ASSCR Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research
EUROPE ESC EuroStemCell 
  DANMARK DASCS  Danish Stem Cell Society
  GERMANY GSSCR German Society for Stem Cell Research,  disbanded
    GSCN German Stem Cell Network
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