11.01 Implant Registration – Brief Profile


Brief Implant Profile with Registration.

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The “Brief Profile” shows the most interesting features of an implant (up to 9 entries, up to 4 photos). The product will be registered. The registration will expire after 2 years, if not renewed. However the given information will stay unchanged. Information of products of importance to the public could be shown after the deregistration as well. The Brief Profile is controlled and shows the same comparable features for all implants. The Registration includes a certification number.

Find the “Implant Profile Form” form in the downloads and send it to welcome@implant-register.com (or just ask for it, we´ll help).

If you like to have your product full registered, please use form 11.03 “Full Implant Registration”. Use 11.05 for 10 and more implants.

This Profile shows great transparency about your product and opens many ways to communicate all capacities.

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