Neurovascular Anticipating Distraction Interference Arthrodesis Bridging the sacroiliac joint from posterior to eliminate neurovascular risks, which could happen with laterally-based techniques. (Ilion Medical)


The DIN Standards Committee Medicine (NAMed) is responsible for the national standardization work and represents the German standardization interests at the European level (CEN).


Nasal continuous positive airway pressure.


Death of tissue may be caused by insufficient blood supply, trauma, radiation, chemical agents or infectious disease.


Neurostimulation is a treatment for neuropsychiatric disorders. It applies electrical currents, in varying parameters, by means of implanted electrodes to achieve functional activation or inhibition of specific neuronal groups, pathways, or networks. For intracranial neurostimulation, stimulation electrodes are inserted into intracerebral targets in ‘deep brain stimulation’ (DBS) or placed over the cortical convexity for ‘cortical

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Near-field communication It enables two electronic devices to communicate with each other in a short distance (4cm, 1.6 in). NFC can be used in transmitting implants, like chip implants, stimulation implants.  


Nitinol is an acronym for “NIckel TItanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory”. Nitinol is the intermetallic phase NiTi with an ordered cubic crystal structure that differs from that of titanium and nickel and consists of about 55% nickel, the rest being titanium. The alloy can be used up to 650 °C, is corrosion-resistant and high-strength, but can …

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nonocclusal loading

Dental The restoration is not in occlusal contact with the opposing dentition in maximal intercuspal position or in excursions. also: nonfunctional loading


Property of a material, that does not degrade over time.

Notified body

A notified body is an independent, third party, accredited body which is entitled by an authorized accrediting body. Upon definition of standards and regulations, the accrediting body may allow a notified body to provide verification and certification services. These services are meant to ensure and assess compliance to the previously defined standards and regulations, but …

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Novolimus™ is an active metabolite of Sirolimus. NOVOLIMUS™ is developed by Elixira Medical Corp. It is a mTOR inhibitor macrocyclic lactone with anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory properties.


Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides. Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material that can be melt-processed into fibers, films, or shapes. Nylon polymers can be mixed with a wide variety of additives to achieve many different property variations. Nylon products for medical use have …

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