Light Adjustable Lens

Laser etching

Application of a laser beam to selectively ablate a material from a surface (e. g. surface)


Locking Compression Plate Locking Compression Plate (LCP) Implants are taken for temporary fixation, correction or stabilization of bones in various anatomical regions. The plates come in different sizes and shapes according to the anatomy and the intended purpose. Screws are locked in the plate, and the physiological load (F) is transferred from the bone to …

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Life table analysis

Statistical method to describe the survival (e. g. implants) in a sample. The distribution of survival times is divided into a certain number of intervals. For each interval, one can compute the number and proportion of cases that entered the respective interval “alive”, the number and proportion of cases that failed in the respective interval …

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Lateral Lumbal Interbody Fusion


A locator is used as abutment on dental implants to fix a denture as a snap-on. There may be used 2, 4 or even more for one jaw. It is used on many types of dental implants. A variation is the raptor. Balls and magnets are used for the same reason, but are not as common. …

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Longitudinal study

A study in which observations on the same subjects are made at two or more different points in time.


 Locking Trochanter Stabilizing Plate

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