Delayed auditory feedback


Demineralized bone matrix A composite of collagenous and noncollagenous proteins and bone growth factors remaining after the extraction of minerals from the bone by a chemical process.


Deep Brain Stimulation


drug coated balloon Drug-Coated Balloon angioplasty is similar to plain old balloon angioplasty procedurally, but there is the addition of an anti-proliferative medication coating the balloon, as well as an excipient to aid in drug transfer, which may help prevent restenosis.  


Dynamic Compression Plate LC-DCP: Limited Contact – Dynamic Compression Plate. The dynamic compression plate is used like other osteosynthesis plates. Only the drill hole is constructed differently. The geometry of the screw head and plate hole in the DCP is such that a congruent fit is achieved even if the screw is at an angle …

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Dynamic Condylar System or Dynamic Condylar Screw The DCS Screw is designed to provide strong and stable internal fixation of certain distal femoral and subtrochanteric fractures, with minimal soft tissue irritation.


Dynamic Condylar Sliding System


Degenerative Disc Disease (source: Axiomed LLC)


Pacemaker: A formal mode designation–atrial and ventricular pacing, atrial and ventricular sensing, dual response and rate-adaptive, used for dual chamber pacemakers.


A defibrillator is used to treat cardiac dysrhythmias. Specifically it helps for ventricular fibrillation (VF). A defibrillator delivers a dose of electric current to the heart. Manual external defibrillator Manual external defibrillators are used by healthcare professionals. They are used in conjunction with an electrocardiogram to diagnose the cardiac rhythm and then manually determine the …

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Premature opening of a primary surgical tissue closure.

Delayed loading

Refers to the time of applying force on an implant after initial placement. This term mostly is used in oral surgery/dental implantology. The prosthesis is brought in function after a certain healing period. The healing period may be very different, depending on some factors like general predisposition, diseases, tissue health, intensity of use, cooperation.

Dental implant

ISO definition: A device designed to be placed surgically within or on the mandibular or maxillary bone to provide restistance to displacement of a dental prosthesis (ISO 1942:2009). A biocompatible device placed within, or on, bone of the maxilla or mandible, to provide support for a prosthetic reconstruction.

Dental platform interface

Syn.: connection, abutment connection, connection interface External external hexagon (“hex”) external indentation Internal internal hexagon internal octagon internal cone internal cone with retentions internal cylindrical with retentions modified internal polygons click connection (discontinued)

Dental subperiosteal implant

Dental Implant designed to rest on the surface of bone, under the periosteum. It is customized, sometimes stabilized with screw(s). Complete subperiosteal implant: Used in the complete edentulous arch. Unilateral subperiosteal implant: Implant located on one side of the posterior mandible or maxilla. Circumferential subperiosteal implant: Implant that bypasses remaining teeth or implants. It is …

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Loss or removal of the surface oxide layer of a metal.


Device History Record


Dynamic Hip System (Screw) Dynamic hip screws are a femoral head-sparing orthopedic device used to treat femoral neck fractures. DHS Procedure is done for patients with either a Non-Displaced or Minimally-Displaced Intertrochanteric (between the greater & lesser trochanter) hip fracture.


The human digestive system consists of the gastrointestinal tract and the accessory organs of digestion (the tongue, salivary glands, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder). Digestion

Digital Light Processing

Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a set of chipsets based on optical micro-electro-mechanical technology that uses a digital micromirror device. It was originally developed in 1987 by Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments. DLP technology usually is used in some kind of front projectors. For implantology important is the 3D printing process with DLP. It can …

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Deutsche Industrie Norm German term: Voluntary standard, that unifies tangible and intangible matters. Also: DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, Deutsche Norm, DI-Norm. Deutsch: Freiwilliger Standard, in dem materielle und immaterielle Gegenstände vereinheitlicht sind.


double vision Lacking coordination of the two eyes results in two pictures. Can be after trauma, dislocation of the eyes or malfunction of muscles, or neuromuscular. Can be first sign of systemic disease. Can be temporarily e. g. after alcoholic intoxication.


Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty DMEK is a partial-thickness cornea transplant procedure that involves selective removal of the patient’s Descemet membrane and endothelium, followed by transplantation of donor corneal endothelium and Descemet membrane without additional stromal tissue from the donor. The graft tissue is merely 10-15 microns thick. (University of Iowa Health Care)


Degenerative or Primary Mitral Regurgitation


Dorsal Root Ganglion (Therapy)


Distal Radioulnar Joint


Dynamic Trochanteric Sliding System


Direct Vertebral Rotation

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