Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian buttock lift, more commonly known as a  The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) aka Brazilian buttock lift, is an aesthetic procedure that helps improve the shape of the buttocks by injecting it with fat from other areas of the body (liposuction). Other areas can be: abdomen, thighs, lower back. Commonly it is an outpatient …

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Breast Augmentation

Enlargement of the breast by surgical implantation of a breast implant. The first time a breast implant is placed to increase breast size, it is called Primary Augmentation. All subsequent times the implant is replaced, it is called Revision Augmentation.

Breast Reconstruction

A surgery to reconstruct a breast after tissue was removed because of cancer or injury.

bridge therapy

A bridge therapy means to bridge to another stage of therapy or health. There are various types of bridge therapies: Bridge to transplant Bridge to candidacy Bridge to decision Bridge to recovery Anticoagulation bridge Opposite: Destination therapy

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