2021 Apr 21.-24. SFB Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting & Exhibition GERMANY, Cologne
2020 May 19.-24. WBC  World Biomaterials Congress SCOTLAND, Glasgow
2020 May 02.-05. SSAT 61st Annual Meeting U.S.A., Chicago
2020 Apr 16.-18. ASA  140st Annual Meeting U.S.A., Washington, D.C.
2019 Nov 22. gt medical 2019 Dentis & gt-medical World Implant Symposium SPAIN, Madrid
2019 Nov 14.-16. SBOT Sociedade Brasileira de Ortopedia et traumatologia, Congresso Annual BRASIL, Fortelaza
2019 Oct 29.-01. ICMFS 31. World Congress ISRAEL, Tel Aviv
2019 Sep 26.-28. EAO 28th Annual Meeting PORTUGAL, LISBON
2019 Sep 10.-11. Swiss Medtech Expo SWITZERLAND, Luzern
2019 Aug 15.-17. ICOI World Congress  USA, New York, NY
2019 Jun 13.-14. RMD The American Conference on the New European Regulations of Medical Devices USA, New Jersey
2019 Apr 25.-27. OF Osteology Barcelona SPAIN, Barcelona
2019 Apr 04.-05. IACCT The 3rd International Annual Congress on Clinical Trials AUSTRIA, Vienna
2019 Apr 02.-06. SFB Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting & Exhibition USA, Seattle
2019 Mar 24.-25. AIMBE AIMBE 2019 Annual Event USA, Washington
2019 Mar 12.-16. IDS 2019 Dental Show GERMANY, Cologne
2019 Feb 21.-23. CDS Chicago Dental Society 154th Midwinter Meeting USA, Chicago, IL
2018 Nov 23.-28. GNYDM Greater New York Dental Meeting USA, New York, NY
2018 Oct 31.-04. ISAPS ISAPS 2018  USA, Miami, FL
2018 Oct 22.-23. RMD 3rd European Symposium on The New Agreed Regulations on Medical Devices BELGIUM, Brussels
2018 Sep 27.-29. ICOI World Congress  USA, Las Vegas, NV
2018 Sep 08.-13. ESB 28th Annual Conference  The NETHERLANDS, Maastricht
2018 Jul 2.-3. bioevents-congress Regulatory affairs in medical devices. 2nd World Congress UK, London
2018 Jun 13.-16. ASAIO 64th Annual Conference U.S.A., Washington DC
2018 May 16.-19. CBS 34th Annual Meeting  CANADA, Victoria, B.C.
2018 May 03.-05. University of Pittsburgh 10th Symposium: Biologic Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine USA, Napa (CA)
2018 Apr 18.-19.   BIOMED Device USA, Boston
2018 Apr 11.-14. SFB SFB 2018 Annual Meeting USA, Atlanta (GA)
2018 Apr 08.-09. AIMBE Annual Event  USA, Washington D.C.
2018 Apr 03.-05. ASBTE Conference 2018  Western Australia, Fremantle
2018 Mar 05.-06. 3rd Annual Conference and Expo on Biomaterials  GERMANY, Berlin
2018 Mar 01.-03. ICOI Spring Meeting MAROC, Marrakesch
2018 Feb 16.-18. IAOCI  7th IAOCI World Congress (International Academy of Ceramic Implantology) USA, San Diego (CA)
2018 Feb 09.-10. BEGO 4th BEGO Implant Systems Global Conference UAE, Dubai
2018 Jan 11.-13. ICOI Winter Symposium USA, Orlando, FL
2018 Jan 02.-06. BMES Cellular and Molecular Bioengeneering Conference  USA, Key Largo, Florida


This list of symposia and fairs may not show all events dealing with implants around the globe. Information given here are checked thoroughly by “Implant-Register”. But we cannot guarantee for the dates, locations or any other descriptions. Decisively are only the information given by the organizing society or company. We like to get information to show them on this page.