Question de demander à votre chirurgien au sujet de l´augmentation mammaire

deutsch        english       español Quelles questions devriez-vous poser à votre chirurgien au sujet de l’augmentation mammaire ? La liste de questions suivante peut vous aider à vous rappeler les sujets à discuter avec votre chirurgien. Vous pouvez également avoir d’autres questions. 1. Quels sont les risques et les complications liés à …

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Fragen an den Chirurg zu einer Brustvergrößerung

english      español      français Welche Fragen sollten Sie Ihrem Chirurgen zu einer Brustvergrößerung stellen? Diese Liste soll Ihnen helfen, keine Fragen zu vergessen, die Sie im Zusammenhang mit einer geplanten Brustvergrößerung haben. Vielleicht treffen nicht alle Fragen zu oder Sie haben zusätzliche Fragen. 1. Welche Risiken und Komplikationen sind mit Brustimplantaten verbunden? …

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Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian buttock lift, more commonly known as a  The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) aka Brazilian buttock lift, is an aesthetic procedure that helps improve the shape of the buttocks by injecting it with fat from other areas of the body (liposuction). Other areas can be: abdomen, thighs, lower back. Commonly it is an outpatient …

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Plastic surgery to raise and reshape sagging (ptotic) breasts into a more elevated position.


Use of radiography (X-rays) of the breast to detect breast cancer. Recommended as a screening technique for early detection of breast cancer.

Capsule (contour implants)

Scar tissue that forms around the breast implant. Sometimes this capsule squeezes the implant, resulting in capsular contracture.

Breast Reconstruction

A surgery to reconstruct a breast after tissue was removed because of cancer or injury.

Breast Augmentation

Enlargement of the breast by surgical implantation of a breast implant. The first time a breast implant is placed to increase breast size, it is called Primary Augmentation. All subsequent times the implant is replaced, it is called Revision Augmentation.

Body dysmorphic disorder

A psychological condition characterized by excessive worry about an imagined or minor physical flaw to the point that it can interfere with normal daily activities.


Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma more (WHO) more (FDA) more (Breast Implant Associated)

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