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reg.: n/a register now see also: IMPLANTS USA product group general tissue products soft tissue /membrane Xenform™ Soft Tissue Repair Matrix product group ear implant products Harmony™ HiResolution® Bionic Ear System product group nervous system  products deep brain stimulator (DBS) Vercise Gevia™ Vercise™ PC spinal chord stimulators Precision Montage™ MRI...

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Demant A/S

reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS DENMARK product group ear implant products Digisonic® SP Ponto Plus product group supply products ear implant supply This is a post of a nonregistered company. Information given here is checked thoroughly by "Implant-Register". However we can not guarantee for any material or properties. Ask the...

Flexan, LLC

reg.: n/a register now IMPLANTS Silicone Components for Long-Term Implantable Class III Medical Devices USA product group skeletal system products artificial joint implants reconstructive elements product group heart / vessel products heart pumps LVAD / VAD pacemaker defibrillator product group eye products Intraocular Lenses product group ear products cochlear implants...

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